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Two lenders can delay your Wildomar Short Sale

The back and forth bickering that goes on between lenders in some short sales can cause setbacks for your Wildomar Short Sale. The first lender doesn’t want to issue approval until the second lender issues its approval letter. Of course, the second lender doesn’t want to issue its approval letter until the first lender issues [...]

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Make a great first impression when selling your Wildomar home

To sell your Wildomar home, you need to make a great first impression (Photo: Sharon Tara Transformations) First impressions are important when you put your home on the market. Consider that most buyers will spend just a few minutes in a house before deciding to make an offer, so invest your time and money wisely [...]

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Wildomar Short Sale Timeline

Short Sale Timeline The Wildomar Short Sale Timeline diagram is a general illustration of the stages involved in completing a short sale and the estimated number of days each stage may takes. Short sale timelines differ between banks, and are affected by the number of liens and the balances due, and may not follow the [...]

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Median Home Sales Price in Wildomar CA

Median Sales Price in Wildomar Embed 1 Br 2 Br 3 Br 4 Br All properties 1 yr 5 yr Max No. Bedrooms Dec - Feb '13 y-o-y 3 months prior 1 year prior 5 years prior 1 bedroom $85,000 - $105,000 - $162,800 2 bedrooms $144,250 -22.7% $144,000 $186,594 $205,574 3 bedrooms $239,000 +19.8% $225,500 $199,500 $299,962 4 bedrooms $285,000 +5.8% [...]

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Wildomar- Riverside County Top sellers market according to Zillow

  Here in Wildomar we are seeing a strong market for sellers, the demand is here with plenty of buyers and investors searching for well priced homes. Unfortunately, we have very low inventory. The recovering housing market is shaping out region-by-region and city-by-city with both buyers and sellers as both haves-and-haves-not. When Zillow looked at buyers' markets [...]

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Procrastinating the Wildomar Short Sale Process Can Lead To Negative Consequences

 Many homeowners decide that if they are going to lose their home they might as well try and stall the process to stay in their home as long as they can without paying their mortgage.  While this might seem like a good idea you need to keep in mind that the Mortgage Debt Relief Act [...]

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Wildomar Short Sales Lack of Inventory= Sellers Market

I recently listed a short sale property in Wildomar and within an hour we had several offers streaming in. Due to the lack of inventory, homes are selling very fast with multiple offers. Now is the time to sell your short sale or standard sale home in Wildomar. We have many buyers and investors in [...]

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Why You Need an Experienced Wildomar Short Sale Agent

When you start to think seriously about doing a short sale for your Wildomar home, I can help you have the best chance of success.  Any real estate agent can list a Wildomar distressed property with no more than a license but to avoid going from short sale to foreclosure, it will take proven capability and experience in [...]

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