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Wildomar short sale agent answers your questions?

        Short Sales – How to Handle a Short Sale The fundamentals behind a short sale, why a lender would accept a short sale and how it affects borrower How to Do an FHA Short Sale? Tips for a completing an FHA short sale quickly and efficiently. Secrets for processing an FHA short [...]

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Recently Closed this short sale on Corte Mandarina in Wildomar!

  Closed Short sale approval came in less 45 days!! It's possible!!. Please call me if you are still wondering whether a short sale is possible. Got nothing to lose and lots to gain from calling me today.    

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Short Sales approvals for Wildomar homeowners-Citibank & Chase

I recently received approvals on two short sales with Chase & CitiBank, both banks I must say were responsive. I was especially impressed with Citibank who I had not dealt with in quite a while. They approved the short sale within 60 days. Still working on addressing the second lien with USAA, which is another story [...]

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No more renting after your Wildomar short sale!

    After the housing crisis, many California households were left with the aftermath of a short sale, and many believed that they had no choice but to start over as renters since home ownership would hinge on their eligibility for home loans after short sale. The new Flexible Credit Home Loan Program offered by [...]

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Did You Know You Can Still Short Sell Your Wildomar Home?

Did you know you can still short sell your property, even if: You have been Turned Down for a Loan Modification You have been approved for a loan modification Your Property Is Vacant or Being Rented You are current on your mortgage payments You are late or behind on your mortgage payments You have received [...]

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How long does the Wildomar short sale process take?

A key element to the short sale timeline, and one that can affect the success and time periods mentioned in this article, is the proper selection of a real estate professional.  Homeowners need to realize that not all real estate professionals are the same.  A homeowner’s friend or acquaintance might have a real estate license but [...]

Benefits of a Short Sale for Wildomar homeowners

  1. Relocation Assistance: Mortgage servicers understand that a homeowner who can't pay their mortgage likely doesn't have the money to relocate. For this reason, some servicers will offer relocation assistance. We have successfully negotiated relocation assistance for our clients.   2. No Out of Pocket Cost: The very nature of a short sale means the [...]

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Arm’s Length Affidavit on a Wildomar short sale

It’s important that anyone considering the need or desire to short sale their property know what the “Arm’s Length Affidavit” document is.  Most banks will require this form to be signed at some point in the process of approving the short sale terms and/or at closing.  In all cases, the real estate agents will be asked to sign [...]

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Jessica Simpson buys Osbourne Home

  Singer-actress Jessica Simpson buys Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s estate in Hidden Hills for $11.5 million  In a multimillion-dollar twist on celebrity musical chairs, singer-actress Jessica Simpson has purchased Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s estate in Hidden Hills for $11.5 million, public records show. The Cape Cod-inspired mansion, built in 2001, sits on a 2.5-acre promontory off a cul-de-sac in the gated [...]

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Selling Your Wildomar Home? Know the Perils of Off-MLS Listings

As the California real estate market changes, so does the vocabulary of real estate.  Once common phrases from the real estate recession such as distressed property, short sale, and shadow inventory are fast being replaced as the real estate market improves by new phrases, such as equity sale, multiple offers, and “off-MLS” or “pocket” listings. [...]

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